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Rinaldo “Dino” Smith
Fine Artist, Wood Carver, Painter and Air Brush Painter

Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping in to view my work! I am an artist, wood carver, and college student. I hope to achieve my Masters in Fine Art. I just turned 23 in October, of 2011. I have been creating custom wood carvings from a huge variety of designs, shapes and sizes. To give you an idea I carve 12 foot three dimensional bull sharks to nine foot mermaids, to humpback whales, marlin, eight foot Great Whites, to murals and any custom 3D Artwork. My love of the tropics comes out in the work I do as a lot of my work is tropical or nautical in nature. I also do cocktail tables, coffee tables, surfboard benches, coat racks, custom shelves and have hand carved a 14 foot custom railing that went from the first floor to the second floor. The entire railing was an undersea coral reef with a huge variety of fish, turtles, and dolphins. I also incorporated palm trees and a beach with the sun at the end of the railing. It was absolutely magnificent.

Recently, I have begun making custom a Custom Tiki Bar along with the bar tops. For the finishing touch I will hand paint a mural whether it be a tropical sunset with beach and palms or huge marlins jumping out of the ocean, then I will install fiber optic lighting, pour several coats of Build 50 to a glass like finish. The scenes look like they are popping off the bar top. Very impressing, our customers love this.

I do most of the design work for the business along with the air brushing for most of the work we create. My art, painting and drawing, is my God given talent. My professors in college are quite impressed with my work and I have received many compliments. I have done several replicas of master’s work such as Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Durer, and many others.

I also do Photo restoration and replication of art or photos which is another medium I create. Please browse through my site and enjoy my creations.

I appreciate your interest in my work and hope that you have a Great Day!










Thank You for Visiting

Enjoy Checking Out What I was made to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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